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04 November 2010 @ 06:42 pm
Welcome and How-to  
Welcome to the new web community for our MA!

First, a bit about how this all works...

I've set this up so that only members can post (in order to avoid spambots etc) so the first thing you need to do is sign up for a livejournal account (here) and then use the link on our profile page to join the community.

There are two main ways of interacting within the community - by posting an entry and commenting on other people's entries.  To post an entry simply click the 'Post to this community' link at the very top of the page. To comment, click the link at the bottom of the entry.

You can write your entry in 'Rich Text' or 'HTML'.  I would recommend using Rich Text to start with as it's less fiddly (hover your mouse over the various buttons on the posting page to find out what they do).  Unfortunately the text in comments must be formatted in HTML, so it's worth learning the basic HTML for bold and italic etc.

Entries can be tagged to create an index of sorts.  I've made a few to get us started and once you've joined you can also create them yourselves.

You can also change the privacy settings for your entry.  The default currently has entries viewable to the whole internet, but if you only want members to see your post you can change the setting just before you post.

LJ has pretty comprehensive FAQs.  You may find these ones particularly useful:

Getting Started
Posting an Entry
Basic HTML
LJ cuts


Feel free to comment here to ask any questions, I'm very willing (and probably able) to give you any help you need.

Go forth and post!
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